Yes, you read that right. I’ve been promoted! Instead of just supplying the boob juice in this house, I also make a great pillow…

It's naptime, mommy!
It’s naptime, mommy!

Forgive my frazzled appearance. I’m tired and it’s been a busy day.

I miss when he loved sleeping like this as a newborn 😥 Now he’s a little heavy.

After lots of crying, bouncing around the house in the K’tan, two frantic phone calls and grandma bringing teething tablets, we are sleeping soundly.

I’ve ordered a wooden teething toy since he’s rejected the BPA free plastic ones. I may get an amber teething necklace if this doesn’t work.

I hope that:

  1. It gets here quickly
  2. He loves it

A mommy can dream, right?

In other news, we’ve been gifted two things today!

One is a gorgeous Maya Wrap that we cannot wait to try out! When I don’t have a child sleeping on me, I will get pictures.

The other gift…

Is a minion!
Is a minion!

One of our friends crocheted a minion and we won it in a raffle. Isn’t he cute? 😀 If you want a minion too, check out her Facebook! I bet if you ask nicely, she’ll make you one! 🙂 She has all sorts of goodies on there.

How has your day been? ❤