Hi there!

Ugh. I underestimated my baby’s patience while teething today. In fact, I forgot he was teething. My poor little Bubba had a melt down before we went into Target. I latched him to nurse while he was in the K’tan and switched him to my hip so it’d be more discreet.

I am pretty proud, we made it all the way through Target like that without anyone noticing!

We stopped at Natural Grocers and he did okay through the whole store. But then we headed back out on the road.

We went a mile down the road to Sprouts, but the whole time you’d have thought someone was beating my poor son the way he was screaming and crying. 😦

When I pulled him out of his carseat I checked and changed his diaper, offered him a boob, made sure for the thousandth time that I had gotten the straps cool before I put him in, he had A/C, etc. He finally calmed down as I put him in the K’tan, so I assumed he just wanted some cuddles and conversation.

I don’t know about you, but I talk to my baby in grocery stores. He was smiling and giggling and I didn’t care who saw me seemingly babbling to myself. Then we ran into our chiropractor! :O I was slightly mortified, but managed to squeak, “He’s having a bad day, aren’t you Bubba?” I’ve learned when you become a parent, you must get used to people looking at you like you are missing some french fries from your happy meal…

We continued on our quest for groceries. Half of the groceries on the list were not there. Vanished from the shelves: Poof.

By the time we made it to the produce aisle, my little Bubba was agitated, to say the least. There was a nice man who asked to hold the produce bags while I picked out our organic apples, which I sincerely appreciated. By that point, I decided to pop my now full-on-tantrum-mode son out of the K’tan and carry him.

Taking off the K’tan in the grocery store while holding my son got some looks. Everyone thought I was undressing in the middle of the store. :O

We made it to the checkout and despite my carefully budgeted grocery list, I ended up going over what I had planned. My child was crying, none of my calming tactics were working and everyone was staring. Thankfully the cashier decided to help me put groceries in my car.

We got to my car and my keys had vanished like socks in the dryer. Nowhere to be found. NOWHERE. Imagine the embarrassment of me realizing I had tucked the darn thing in a pocket of my shirt, after 5 minutes of searching and dumping my purse in front of this poor man. I’m fairly certain he did not expect to see menstrual pads today.

With crying baby in tow, I turned the car on to cool down and the cashier went back inside, after making sure I was okay for the 5th time. Bless his heart.

Then a lady pulled up in the next parking space and saw that I was a sweaty, disheveled mess with a crying baby. She said , “I’ve got a baby too. Is there anything you need or that I can help with?’ I politely declined, still embarrassed that I couldn’t seem to calm my own baby down. I left her a note to thank her before we left.

I decided I’d try giving Bubba a finger to gnaw on and lo and behold, it worked.

The tears stopped and dried. The frown turned into smiles and giggles. The flailing turned into holding my finger with excitement.

I offered for him to nurse and he burrowed into my arms as he nursed until he fell asleep.

I had two people in other cars point and stare and make faces, but I didn’t care. My world was okay because his was. I gently scooped him up and strapped him in the carseat. When we got home I carried my little prince charming up the stairs and cuddled him back to sleep.

I will never forget our adventures together.