Hi there 🙂

We are currently located in the middle of the chaos of “I want mommy”, “I’m teething”, “I want to be held” at our house.

It can be hard to calm down with everything that’s going on in his little world! 😦

We like to calm down by:

  • Going on walks outside
  • Being wrapped in the Sleepy Sack, K’tan (our current favorite!) or Ring Sling
  • Being sung to (little bunny fu-fu, over and over and over and over…)
  • Holding our cloth diaper inserts (somehow this is very effective at calming him down…)
  • Being side nursed
  • Chewing on our hands or mommy’s *clean*How d finger (they are the yummiest, or so I hear)
  • Being read to
  • Playing with our brand new twiddle necklace 😀
  • Watching the fan spin (he is in LOVE with the fan)
  • And playing with daddy (when all else fails)

What’s your favorite way to calm your baby?