My Experience With Thermography

I was recently invited to a thermography clinic a few towns over to try out their services. I’ve always been interested in thermography but never tried it, so this was an exciting opportunity. You can read about my experience here: My Experience with Thermography: It’s useful for more than pre-screening for breast cancer

My Experience with the Sex Positivity Movement

Hi y’all!

I have a new article out on my experience with the sex positivity movement (hint: it’s not exactly been positive). You can read it here on Medium!

I invite you to share if you feel it resonates with you or someone you know. I’m social media free these days, so all the support I get on my work is from readers like you! Thank you 🙂

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Please Don’t Ask If I’m Going to Homeschool

Hi ya’ll!

I have a new article out on why I don’t like being asked if I’m going to homeschool my son. 🙂 You can read it here on Medium!  And if you feel so inclined, please share. I’m social media free these days, so any traction my articles get are solely due to the support of readers like you!

Rumors of my Demise have been greatly Exaggerated…

Hi y’all,

I’m not dead. I’ve been taking a big break from content creation and social media (all my accounts are deactivated and I cannot recommend doing that enough).

I don’t know if I’ll be getting back into content creation, how frequently I’ll post in the future, or anything like that. I did write something today though and I figured I ought to share.

Here ya go: You are finite – Freedom is found in accepting that

I hope you enjoy it, please share if you are inclined. 🙂


1 in 3 Americans Know Someone Who Has Fatally Overdosed

Check out my coverage of a new survey released by the American Addiction Centers and an exclusive interview with a Christian in recovery from drug addiction: Why Would You Do That? And Other Questions About Drugs

Mary J Moerbe’s Review of The Scarlet Virgins

An LCMS Lutheran lady’s review of my book on purity culture, The Scarlet Virgins! Read the review here Buy the audiobook, digital, or physical here Get a signed copy by emailing me here:

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Quick to Try CBD

In The Mad Dash To Legalize Marijuana, We’ve Been Cavalier About Its Risks

As more and more shops hawk CBD products, claiming they’re a magical cure-all to a laundry list of ailments, we should be skeptical.


My latest for The Federalist

Pro-Life Christian in Need of Our Help

I rarely share Gofundme campaigns, but Sarah is one of the women of the pro-life Christian community. If you do not know Sarah’s story and her work for the pro-life movement, please check her Twitter. She is an abortion regret mom and fights for the unborn with life limiting diagnoses as her own child received. All of the work she does for the pro-life movement is unpaid, but invaluable.

She and her family are in need, the truck that their livelihood depends on is in need of repair. Anything helps!

Bring Some Joy To @She_Brings_Joy #ProLife

How Nadia’s Vagina Statue Perpetuates the Problems With Purity Culture

My latest for The Federalist:

Making a statue of a vagina out of purity rings might be attention-grabbing and even perhaps cathartic, but it is not healing.

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