Of Princes and Pirates

My desire should be for a prince

Someone strong and brave

Buttoned up and tight laced

Practical and predictable

But to me, all this is despicable

Who can understand a woman’s heart?

A prince would be the obvious choice

But that’s not the man of my heart’s voice

What does it want?

What does it need?

A pirate, yes, a pirate indeed

One whose unpredictability

Comes alive on the raging sea

He doesn’t fear night or day

Uses the stars to guide our way

Many wish to make him pay

For what he’s done under the sun’s rays

Come what might and come what may

In his arms, I will lay

For he loves all my pain away

I don’t care what you say

I’ll take my pirate over a prince any dayOf Princes and Pirates


Scarlet Virgin

Crimson lips and ivory skin

For you I waited, take me in

Though none have touched 

And no man has seen

My conscience is far from clean

A mind invaded – a spirit torn

It is as they say

 “every rose has its thorns”

Few understand, and even fewer see

The beast that was created in me

You alone possessed the key

To break the bonds that hold on me

And now that I am forever free

Your Scarlet Virgin I will be

My First Time Calling Poison Control

Have you ever had to call poison control? I made my first call this past week because my son swallowed something he shouldn’t have.

Tipsy Typing

I always love the articles on this site, but this one is really timely for me.


I’m writing this post after two vodka/sodas.

And if you know anything about me, then you know…I am properly pissed.



I actually have never written a tipsy blog post before. Believe it or not, even the Feminism post was written stone cold sober.

Stone Cold Steve Austin…I wonder what that dude is up to now…


Welp, apparently he’s doing a reality TV show now, called Redneck Island and just bought a mini mansion in Marina Del Ray. Shocker there…

Anyway. Enough about wrestling.

I just want to get married before I get smile lines.

I heard my three year old niece talk about her future husband today….that made me feel pretty…oh, I don’t know…like a spinster cat lady.

I looked at her and said, “Yeah, Aunt Caralyn needs to find a husband too.

It’s kind of the running joke in my family, actually. My sister-in-law is…

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My desire for you is bright and fiery

Burning me through both day and night

Feelings awakened by harmless affection

Excitement kindled by innocent attachment

Romantic inclinations birthed from pure intentions

Bearing animated dreams of stolen kisses

Visualizations of sensual blisses

And giving life to forbidden wishes

Sometimes I wonder if you see it

Other times I am sure you don’t

What if you don’t love me?

Unrequited love can still be true

My answer isn’t far off, I see

I catch a glimpse when you aren’t looking at me

Of the truth you hide from those who wish to see

Shyly casting your glance away

Secretly hoping it slipped by unseen

While once I was unsure of what I saw

I know your eyes don’t lie to me

The telling signs of fire confess the truth

The blaze within betrayed through the window to your soul

Behind those breathtaking eyes of yours

Lie soft gray pillars of smoke.


(Author’s note: I am not, by nature, a poet. I’m just messing around for fun. I know it doesn’t rhyme. I don’t know the rules.)

Mom Fail: Teaching My Son About Prayer

Do y’all ever have those moments when you are trying to be a good mom and then all of a sudden you’ve accidentally scarred your kid for life? No? Well, I had one trying to teach my son about prayer! 😱

Thought for the day: 22 March 2017

Love & War

Her veins are filled with love and pain

For her, the two are one and the same

Never separate, never far, filling every beat of her heart

Both like fire, scorching and hot, but one was desirable and one was not

She’d always heard “All is fair in love and war”

She knew the truth, love is a war

But for him, and only him, it was worth fighting for

Love & War

Nature’s Arena


In the Arena

“I own my words, thoughts and actions.

I don’t own your reaction to them.

I don’t own your words, thoughts and actions.

I own my reaction to them.”

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