Interview with Joshua Harris

Josh and I sat down to have a conversation about the documentary I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye and topics surrounding his journey reevaluating his book. Here are some of the things we discussed:

The influence Adam and Eve after the Pill by Mary Eberstadt had on our journeys.

The context of the world for sexual norms and Christian values, both when his book was written and now.

I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Director Jessica, who was the driving force behind the project.

Societal relationships between men and women and how/why Josh views women the way he does now.

Suppression of reality and how that impacts sexuality and spirituality and the ability to deal with our own issues as a Church and community.

The realities of how tribalism and fame influence public figures.

Our plans for the future with projects and business.

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Links mentioned:

Josh’s website where you can see his statement about I Kissed Dating Goodbye:

The free link to the documentary I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye:

Josh’s Instagram where you can keep up with some of what he is doing with his new business:

His new business, Clear and Loud:


My latest post “Just A Conversation”

My latest post: “Just a Conversation”

The Violent Take Paradise by Force

My husband’s latest:

“In this episode, Tom uses the recent Ben Shapiro/Tucker Carlson exchange on the wisdom of stifling technological progress (read: bowing out of the arms race) as a springboard to revisit the dual concepts of power and paradise.” 

Hot, Holy & Humorous – An Interview with J Parker

In this interview with J Parker from Hot, Holy & Humorous, Rebecca and J discuss Gnosticism, Christianity and sex, the concept of sexual incompatibility, how children impact marriage, Christian content creation, and much more.

J’s wisdom is edifying in so many ways, I hope that you will find it as enriching as I did and do. – Rebecca

Articles/books mentioned:

You can find J at her website, @HotHolyHumorous, and

Listen online: 

On Apologetics and Genetics

My husband and I sat down and recorded a discussion on how we predict the discipline of apologetics will change in the coming years out of necessity due to new scientific research on the human genome.

What’s the best diet?

My husband, the dietician, answers the question of what the best diet is: 

I Appeared In I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye

After several months of sitting on the news, I can finally announce on the release date of the film that I appeared in the documentary I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye!

The film can be viewed here:

My appearance is around the 50 minute mark.

As I caution I will say I do not endorse the views of everyone who participated in the film. My own views can be found in my book, The Scarlet Virgins (physicaldigital, and audio versions are available).

I am proud to call Joshua a friend and am thrilled to see his commitment to integrity as a Christian thought leader, would that others would follow in his footsteps.

A big thank you to the team that worked on this film, please continue to pray for them as it is received by the public.

Examining Emily Joy and #ChurchToo

Valuable commentary by my husband examining with discernment the recent ViW podcast episode with #churchtoo founder Emily Joy.


A Necessary Post – Purity Culture, ChurchToo, and Voices

I am thankful for my husband and his courageous voice today.

“I believe that Virtue in the Wasteland has shown poor judgement in their publication of an interview with Emily Joy, the co-founder of #churchtoo.

I am publicly pleading with them to repudiate those elements of her message that are repugnant to the believing Christian faith (which, to be sure, are most of them) in no uncertain terms.

Please gentlemen, take this opportunity to prove the detractors of 1517 and its various projects wrong.”

Voices in the Wilderness: a plea for discernment to Virtue in the Wasteland

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