1 in 3 Americans Know Someone Who Has Fatally Overdosed

Check out my coverage of a new survey released by the American Addiction Centers and an exclusive interview with a Christian in recovery from drug addiction: Why Would You Do That? And Other Questions About Drugs


Mary J Moerbe’s Review of The Scarlet Virgins

An LCMS Lutheran lady’s review of my book on purity culture, The Scarlet Virgins! Read the review here Buy the audiobook, digital, or physical here Get a signed copy by emailing me here:

Why You Shouldn’t Be Too Quick to Try CBD

In The Mad Dash To Legalize Marijuana, We’ve Been Cavalier About Its Risks

As more and more shops hawk CBD products, claiming they’re a magical cure-all to a laundry list of ailments, we should be skeptical.


My latest for The Federalist

Pro-Life Christian in Need of Our Help

I rarely share Gofundme campaigns, but Sarah is one of the women of the pro-life Christian community. If you do not know Sarah’s story and her work for the pro-life movement, please check her Twitter. She is an abortion regret mom and fights for the unborn with life limiting diagnoses as her own child received. All of the work she does for the pro-life movement is unpaid, but invaluable.

She and her family are in need, the truck that their livelihood depends on is in need of repair. Anything helps!

Bring Some Joy To @She_Brings_Joy #ProLife

How Nadia’s Vagina Statue Perpetuates the Problems With Purity Culture

My latest for The Federalist:

Making a statue of a vagina out of purity rings might be attention-grabbing and even perhaps cathartic, but it is not healing.

Upcoming Book Signing

I have an upcoming book signing in March. For security reasons, I am not posting the location and other details publicly. If you are an Oklahoman and would like to come see me and other local authors, feel free to privately email me ( and I will get you details.

My Coverage of the Southern Baptist Convention Sex Abuse Scandal

My coverage of the SBC sex abuse scandal:

Flash Sale – The Scarlet Virgins

A bookstore that sold my book just went out of business. That means I have a few physical copies I can autograph for folks that want that. I only have a few and I’ll be selling these at a discount: $9.99.

If you want one, let me know. 😊You can email me at with your order.


“Spit-in water.”

“De-petaled flower.”

“A chewed piece of gum.” 

The youth of my generation know these phrases by heart.

These were the labels placed on you if you didn’t follow The Rules.

The Rules were these:

Don’t wear anything that could cause your male friends to stumble. Scratch that, don’t wear anything but denim skirts and long-sleeve shirts, even when at the pool.

Don’t touch before you get married. No kissing, no hugging, no hand-holding.

Don’t have a crush. If you have a crush on someone before you’re married, you cannot give your husband your whole heart. You’ll have an emotional STD that will infect your marriage! You should really just marry your first crush.

Don’t have problems. Good Christians don’t have problems.

Don’t ask questions. Good Christians don’t do that, either.

Don’t fight back. If a man hurts you, then you led him on and deserved it.

Don’t. Don’t. Don’t.

As long as we followed The Rules, everything was supposed to be great.

And everything was great. Until it wasn’t.

They wanted to safeguard our sexuality. Instead, they broke it.

They wanted us to be spotless before God. Instead, they drove us away from Him.

The Scarlet Virgins is a memoir of one woman’s journey through the Christian Purity Movement. It wrestles with the experiences and temptations of her and her peers, including the temptation of apostasy, addiction, alcoholism, anorexia, depression, self-harm, and suicide. The author seeks to restore the truth to broken souls: It is Christ who makes us pure.

Toxic Masculinity is a Red Herring, and the Economics of Sex

I brought my husband Thomas back on to roast some sacred cow steaks on the hot coals of our passion for truth. We discuss the double-headed red-herring of feminism and toxic masculinity (caught off the coast of Chernobyl, if reports are to be believed), the need for a revival of a Christian approach to marriage (alternative: a post-Chernobyl society), and why the courtship solution to the sexual revolution failed miserably (hint: it’s about economics).

Join us for a take-no-prisoners conversation where we earn our “Tell It Like It Is” merit badges. To the easily triggered: turn back now.

Find Thomas at and on Twitter @ThomasJLemke

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